Life at UTi worldwide

Life @ UTi
Discover what it means to be a true UTite, from its culture, to its people, to the opportunities inside to the success stories.

Being a UTite
We believe that every UTite has a role to play in making UTi the Supply Chain giant that it is and it is only our people who differentiate us from the others. We understand that its as important for people to succeed in their current jobs as it is in preparing themselves for future and thus, we offer them opportunities to help them grow. We offer an environment to aid all-round development, which goes hand in hand with realization of their career aspirations.

Life @ UTi Worldwide   Life @ UTi Worldwide

Personal and Professional Development
UTi Worldwide, India as an organization is greatly focused on providing its employees with the right opportunities to excel and develop their talents and foster their growth.

Employee development is an on-going endeavour in UTi to upgrade the employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. We offer our people opportunities for development that not only help them achieve the goals of the organization successfully but also support their individual professional needs and accelerate their professional growth.
Classroom trainings, Knowledge Exchange Programs, Online Trainings, External Training Programs, IDP’s, detailed TNI’s are some of the tools deployed by UTi to aid in the development of people.

UTi India, through its Contract Logistics functions gives trainees, a chance to learn through Experiential Training. The newly trained industrial trainees get a hang of using the logistics machinery and also get 360 degree knowledge of how contract logistics works. The same is supplemented through various in-house training programs, which keep happening on a regular basis, and Knowledge Exchange Programs, which aid in getting exposure to other work fields.

Health and Wellness
We want our employees to be healthy and happy and our health and wellness programs are designed to offer them a healthy body and mind. We have a Group Insurance Coverage, which covers the employees and their dependents to help them cope with unforeseen medical emergencies. Not only this, we also have various wellness camps around the year to aid people to take care of their health needs.

Life @ UTi Worldwide   Life @ UTi Worldwide

Fun @ Work
Excellence is a way of life @UTi but we do not compromise on the Fun Quotient.
Buoyancy and Vibrancy are the two key elements that one can see emanating from any UTi India office. Mirth, chatter, asking for quotes, collaborating employees is a typical sight whenever you enter a UTi office. Working by collaboration while having fun is a key value that any UTite lives by.
Monthly Engagement Activities, Festival Celebrations, International Day’s Celebrations, Innovative Competitions, Cricket Matches etc are some of the events that create an environment of fun and give employees the required break from work.

Going Republic is a way of Life
UTi firmly lives by the saying “For UTites, of UTites and By UTites” and promotes the same by providing an atmosphere & environment that fosters free flow of communication. As an organization, we are geographically & regionally spread across the length & breadth of the country. In such a scenario, where we have employees from diverse cultural, educational & lingual backgrounds, the only way to bring about harmony is by means of ‘Open & Honest Communication’ & ‘Transparency’. It not only promotes region-wide solidarity but also, helps bond employees, their supervisors & the company together.

In the sector that we are in, the nature of business is highly dynamic and ever changing. This makes it vital for us as an organization to constantly communicate with our employees on all the latest happenings in the company and the market and also keep the channel open for reverse communication as well. Apart from this, gathering constant feedback also becomes imperative to ensure a well engaged organization.

Even before you walk in through the doors of UTi Worldiwde, India your friendly HR SPOC is there to resolve your queries. You can ring them as they are the one stop solution for all your queries. Once you are on-board you have a Buddy who helps you and makes sure you have smooth on-boarding experience. And then the HR SPOC is there to listen to and answer your queries and if they do not satisfy your queries you have endless opportunities like Suggestion Boxes, HR Connect Sessions, Lunch with the MD, Open Houses etc. to connect with the Leadership Team.

If this looks like the right blend of great fun, opportunities galore and amazing coworkers, apply with us and join the joy ride!